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Jeannine Palomillo

Jeannine When I was just an eight year old kid, I went trough a series of surgeries due to a skin disease. During my childhood laser surgeries for a child’s skin operation was not advisable and was not wildly used, so such operation requires the injection of anesthesia. I went through a series of surgeries every summer vacation, until I reached the age of eleven. Operations went repeatedly so does the intake of anesthesia. During my childhood I began to realize that something’s went wrong. At a young age I became more forgetful than ever. I need to record every assignment, even my daily agendas and chores on a notebook. I can’t even familiarize my self well when it comes to places and directions. It began to bother me which triggered me to ask my mom about it. She said it’s because of that “anesthesia” that had been injected to you ever since those surgeries started. During those time I was just a naïve little girl so I just disregarded it. As I grew up I began to learn that anesthesia may cause relieve of pain, making a person “forget” the sensation of pain but also it causes “forgetfulness”. During high school, memorization was the hard possible task for me to accomplish. It eats a lot of my time, and I have to spend several hours studying on the same topic, “reading and reading it over and over again” for me to familiarize its content. There are some instances that when the big test comes, I will just forget everything that I’ve memorized, the sensation they call a “mental block”. In order to get high and satisfying scores I inserted more time and effort in studying which bores me for going on the same topic over and over again. It was only this year 2010 when I discovered the “Vitabrain” that was given and recommended to me by Mr. Miftah Hidayat. In college there’s a big change in my daily study habits and in my daily routine, there’s no need for notebook to record assignments and agendas, and there’s a big change in the study plan. During my pre-elementary years my total average range from 89-92 % but during elementary and high school when I went under a series of surgeries, due to forgetfulness my average only ranked from 83-88% I only get 89 % and 90% once in my high school life. When I received our Final grade of the first semester I was surprised that my grade was 1.7692 equivalent to 89%-91%, even with lesser study time. There’s a saying the every cure can be found in nature and that man has to discovered it themselves.Since Vitabrain was a herbal medicine and its not a synthetic drug, I can say that its truly a blessing! (Jeannine Palomillo, Mr.Ferdinand’s Daughter-Distributor Philippines-043-9810569, 09276659791, 0915273318)

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